NEW Level Control Control Products

Smart-Trak Multi-Point Level Switch with Compact Relay Controller
This general purpose switch package provides a complete solution for automatic filling or emptying of a tank between two adjustable level switch points with a 10A latching compact relay controller for pump or valve actuation. The product is typically selected to atmospheric day tank, process vessel and waste sump applications. Specify the appropriate sensor technology and assembly dimensions.

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Fail-safe relay control of pumps and valves with 0-60 second time delay
Offered in 3 sensing technologies for broad application coverage
Easy setup with LED indicators for sensor, power and relay status
Rugged PP construction for use in challenging corrosive environments
Adjustable level switches make field adjustment fast and simple

K9900 Series Level Gauge

K9900,Series,Level,Gauge,Kenco,EngineeringThe patented K9900 Series Level Gauge features an innovative casting design which will simplify the installation process and eliminate other typical problems associated with gauge glass. The K9900 Series incorporates floating misalignment unions, which will allow the process connection centerlines to vary +/-1/4". The gauge also has integral offset pattern valves with ball check shutoffs. 1/2" FNPT vent and drain connections are inline for routine sight glass maintenance. The K9900 Series Level Gauge delivers a safe, low maintenance, cost effective solution to common sight glass applications. 

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Vibrating Level SwitchesThe NWS - Vibrating Level Switches works on the vibrating tuning-fork principle. A piezoelectric crystal is matched to the frequency of a tuning fork in air, and used to set the fork vibrating.

KOBOLD's NWS - Vibrating Level Switches are compact, vibrating fork level switches which are suited for use with non-viscous and viscous liquids as well as many types of fine granular solids. The switch employs an forked probe which vibrates at approximately 1200 Hz. When the probe is immersed in a medium, the resonant frequency is dampened. This frequency shift is sensed by a detecting circuit and results in activation of a solid state switch or SPDT relay depending on the model. The NWS - Vibrating Level Switches may be configured as either two-wire or three-wire controller and is switchable from a normally-open to normallyclosed (wet-on or dry-on) switch function. Its solid-state design uses no moving parts in the sensor or switch portions, making the switch exceptionally reliable.

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Level,Switches,Point,Level,Sensors,Walchem,CorporationPoint Level sensors provide simple low tank level input for controllers and solenoid metering pumps. They are used to stop your metering pump when chemical level is low or for direct input to your Walchem WebMaster or WebAlert for remote low level indication.

• 190964-3 Switch with 3' Tube
• 190964-5 Switch with 5" Tube

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